Condition Monitoring

Scale reliability 和 availability across your fleet of rail assets. ​

Improve asset performance, reduce maintenance costs, 和 minimize train delays.

Freight railroads, by their very nature, are systems of interconnected assets. A failure in one asset can have cascading impacts to the rest of the operation. Condition Monitoring solutions from 全球最大网赌正规平台 can play a vital role in the health of your rail assets 和 your business.

KinetiX Inspection Technologies

The next generation of automated rolling stock 和 infrastructure monitoring, 检查, 和 maintenance optimization.

Condition Monitoring


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Streamline Inspections

Automate the 检查 process through continuous condition monitoring.

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Better utilize manpower resources as “fixers not finders”, saving time 和 money.

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Increase Reliability & 可用性

Identify defects sooner 和 preempt component failure issues.

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Maximize Asset Life

Use condition data to schedule 和 perform maintenance effectively 和 to maximize asset life.

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提高安全 & 合规

Detect faults 和 identify early indicators that may lead to safety incidents to help mitigate incidents 和 improve safety.

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Increase Operational Intelligence

Gain real time insights into assets 和 operations.


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